Quests for kids

Quests for kids

QuestLab games are suitable for families with children of any age.

  • Children from the age of 13 may participate in games themselves.
  • For children from 10 to 13 years we can offer hourly quests with a simplified plot or “circular” quests.
  • For children under 10 years there should be instructed adult, as some puzzles require special care (fire, chemical substances and so on).

Children, or family quest is adventure game, the essence of which is to solve puzzles and combine some objects to achieve a specific goal (for example, to find an ancient relic, to "feed" an animal, to develop an antidote, and so on). A child with his own eyes will see the relationship between objects and natural phenomena, will be acquainted with the basic principles of elementary logical thinking and teamwork.

Surprise your child by giving him an unforgettable party or just a weekend!

Possible plots:

  •    The Antique Emporium;
  •    School Of Technologies and Science;
  •    Pirate;
  •    Spy Things;
  •    The Little Gourmet;
  •    Greek mythology;
  •    Frozen, etc.

The room with a big table for up to 30 person and the kitchen is available. Kids menu 2019

If you have any questions about children's quests, or you want to reserve the game, please contact us by phone (+371) 26295074, (+371) 23779223 or email