Circular quests

Circular quests


For larger number of guests we offer a new kind of quests that are dynamic and are suitable for any party or teambuilding event. We divide the group into smaller teams and start a tournament! The goal for each team is to find an ancient relic/solve a crime/decrypt sensitive material etc. as soon as possible (20 minutes max). The quests are held on a circular principle that not only saves time, but also gives opportunity to play all Quest Lab’s games. Throughout the games we write down each teams results and at the end of the event name the fastest.

Available rooms: "Time Machine," "Laboratory", "Treasury".
Time: 2 hours
Price (includes the game complex rental, rooms’ preparing, unlimited tea and coffee)

  • on a working day, 2 hours - 160 euros (group 6 - 15 people)
  • on weekends, 2 hours - 200 euros (group 6 - 15 people)

For groups of 16 people or more, as well as if you need more time - please contact us.

Phone numbers (+371) 26 295 074, (+371) 23 779 223, e-mail

Our staff freely speaks English, Latvian and Russian, und ein bisschen Deutsch.