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What is it?

Do you want to participate in a scientific experiment? To remove the curse from lost captain's room? Some speak that none who entered did return…

Adventure games or quests are unusual leisure activities that are liked by children and adults both!

Quest is a team game and its goal is to solve a mystery or to do a specific task (for example, find an object, escape from a locked room etc.). Usually there are specially designed and build rooms full of secrets and puzzles. Since the game takes place in small space and limited time, participants need to coordinate their action and find common ground with all the team members. The quest also challenges player’s logical thinking and inventiveness.

Test your abilities in a unique gaming center QuestLab!

  • Take a part in a scientific experiment and help to develop an antidote to a dangerous virus!

  • There is a tale going about lost captain's cursed room. Some speak that none who entered did return... 

  • Imagine that mankind has created technology - iPads, computers, robots, transportation, etc. - using the laws of mechanics only. Airships, pneumatic, unexplained thingies with countless levers and dial... And even a time machine, where you like real Victorian aristocrats go on an unforgettable journey.